18 Times Black People Broke The Internet In 2016

18 Times Black People Broke The Internet In 2016

Black people, yet again, had a remarkable influence on the internet this year.

From taking stances for social justice to creating viral challenges that kept us entertained, black social media users proved just how influential their power is. They raised awareness about police brutality with #BlackLivesMatter, provided education on mental health issues with #YouGoodMan and gave us some much-needed laughter with memes galore.

Relive some of the good that came out of 2016 with these 18 times black people won the internet.


#RunningmanChallenge 😂 @jerrygunnz 🎥 By @malachi_variations IB By @Rah2bandz

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After high schoolers Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall began posting videos of themselves doing a revamped running man to Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo,” the challenge took the internet by storm. It even landed the teens a spot on “The Ellen Show” and a $10,000 scholarship.

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