Now You Can Whip Up A Demogorgon Pie Thanks To Netflix And ‘Stranger Things’

Now You Can Whip Up A Demogorgon Pie Thanks To Netflix And ‘Stranger Things’

If you’re still not over the “Stranger Things” hype, don’t worry, because Netflix isn’t either.

The streaming service just uploaded two “Stranger Things”themed recipe videos on their YouTube channel and the treats are, well … strange!

Both recipe videos feature the iconic, can’t-get-out-of-your-head theme music of the show and include a scene from the series. One recipe is for a sweet Demogorgon Pie and the other is for a disturbing soup they call “French Onion Barb.” (We miss you, Barb!)


Demogorgon Pie is a pumpkin, cherry, and blackberry pie that looks like everyone’s favorite terrifying monster.

It also involves a lot of tediously placed almonds, but rest assured: We’d most definitely eat it. Which is good, because Netflix warns us in the video’s caption that if bakers don’t “eat the pie,” they’ll be “eaten by the pie.”

The French Onion Barb is the food equivalent to Barb’s untimely death. It’s a gruesome flashback to Barb in the Upside Down, but edible, somehow?

Yeah, we’re not sure who crafted this one, but the recipe involves those cooking it to make Barb-shaped bread. And, as is traditional with French onion soup, the bread-Barb is covered in melted Swiss cheese.

You can snag the full recipes for the creations in the videos’ description section.

These treats come just in time for Halloween, so if you’re in need of some creepy (but also yummy) food to bring with you to your friend’s costume party, Netflix has you covered.

Who’s hungry?

Via HuffPost, Jenna Amatulli | Trends Editor