Here’s another shoutout to the class of ‘2016! We are so proud of our RocStar, Michaela Carter who just graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Journalism, Public Relations with a Concentration in Speech! Between contributing to and of course attending school, she found time to #werkwerkwerk as an Associate Editor for the Everything Exclusive Magazine, write for the campus Her Campus magazine, and… study abroad in Ecuador!

She has been a RocStar blogger since January, writing blogs for that express her interest in beauty such as her wonderful piece about Miss Japan 2015 or pieces that speak to practical advice for graduating seniors. Speaking about Rocsi, Michaela isn’t shy to admit that she has followed Rocsi “since her “106 & Park” days and from the beginning, I could always tell that she had a love for what she does. I also love the fact that she gives back by allowing others to have a chance to shine; Rocstar bloggers being an example. She is always supporting the dreams of others which is so inspiring.” Well said.

We took some time to catch up with the newly minted college graduate below:

Now that you’ve graduated, what’s next for you?

MC: It’s my plan to obtain my MBA, build the brand of my blog, and pursue my dream of working in the magazine industry! I also have other small projects that I am working on, so stay tuned! 😊

Do you have any advice to any students still stuck in school, who can’t wait to graduate like yourself?

MC: Make the best of each moment! It goes by so fast! You don’t want to rush it and then graduate realizing that you won’t get this moment back. Also, don’t lose focus. This can be one of the most anxious times in your life, which can cause you to forget the end goal. Just stick in there!

Lastly, what are some aspects of your own personal fashion style that readers may not know about? 

MC: My personal style is very simple and classy I’d like to think. I enjoy wearing blush, neutral, and spring colors with my favorite accessory, pearls! I love dresses, sandals, layered jewelry…really, anything that allows me to be girly! 😊 I am now becoming a fan of prints and patterns, so I may add more of that to my style.

Thank you for all your contributions to and we wish you the best in 2016 and beyond! 

To keep up-to-date with Michaela you can follow her post-grad adventures below.

IG: @adashofmichaela

Twitter: @adashofmichaela