Jessi Malay: Blogger + Singer + Entrepreneur. See how she does it all on Blog Life! @jessimalay @moriah_brown

Episode 2:  Jessi Malay

Blogger + Recording Artist + Entrepreneur

Jessi Malay is a fashion blogger, recording artist and entrepreneur. Performing since she was 2 years old, Jessi by the age of 8 was touring the world and performing at major venues across the country and abroad. After being signed to Jive Records, Warner Bros. Records, and having worked with top music producers and artists (Danja, JR Rotem, Stargate, Oak, Trey Songz, etc.), Jessi decided to take control of her career and co-founded her own production company and independent label, The Coalition Group. Upon her debut EP release, she was invited to tour nationally with Danity Kane, and is now recording her solo debut album.

One of Jessi’s top priorities is her style….

Inspired by her first trip to New York Fashion Week and her intimate interview with fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, she released ‘Bougie’, a single featuring an avant guarde music video, which led not only to a nationwide club tour and finalist position in Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star contest, but also to creating her own fashion blog. MyWhiteT has quickly garnered the attention of top designers and fellow fashion bloggers alike.
Following the success of the tour and growth of MyWhiteT, Jessi set focus on combining both her music and fashion worlds. Her next music video release, ‘Noises’, was creative directed by fashion designer Michael Costello (Beyonce, Ariana Grande). ‘Summer Love’, Jessi’s follow up single, was released in partnership with Revolve Clothing. Both singles topped digital radio charts and complemented Jessi’s quick rise as a fashion curator.
Her success lead to recognition from national press such as NYLON Magazine, who printed a 2-page spread on Jessi in their Nov. 2015 issue, highlighting her work in both fashion and music spheres.
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Photo Credit:  Gabriel Santiago (@shotbyG)