15 Yellow Dresses For Brides Who Want To Channel Their Inner Belle

15 Yellow Dresses For Brides Who Want To Channel Their Inner Belle


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he last few months have been “Beauty and the Beast” mania, with catchy music medleys, sweet photo shoots and wedding themes all inspired by the movie. And with the live-action flick hitting theaters on Friday, the craze shows no signs of stopping.

For brides who want to channel their inner Belle on the big day, we’ve compiled 15 yellow wedding gowns that look like a ray of fairytale sunshine.


Dress by DiDomenico Design


Taylor Snyder Art and Photography
Dresses purchased on eBay and Amazon


Levi Tijerina
Dress by Sarah Seven


Dress by Ami Elisah


Jose Villa | The Venue Report
Skirt by Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Wedding


D’Avello Photography
Dress dyed by Melissa Simpson at Blank Studio


Corey Torpie
Dress by Shareen


Raelyn Elizabeth Photography | Sylver Weddings & Events | Baldwin Bridal & Events
Dress from Lillian’s Bridal


Dress by Katie Ermilio


Stina Kase Photography
Dress by Lilli Jahilo


Kat Forsyth
Dress by Belle & Bunty


Dress by Larimeloom


Bri Morse Imagery
Dress by Sweet Caroline Styles


Dress by AliceCloset


Meigan Canfield Photography

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